DEALERS SYSTEM HELP :: WL Bars & Interiors


To access into WL Dealers System, please goto our WebSite and click the option "Intranet", located in the bottom area within the first page.

If you want to be a WL Dealer

If you are a Store manager, contractor, remodeling consultant, constructor, etc. Please contact with WL Bars & Interiors an let know us your interests. Enjoy all the benefits come into being a WL Distributor.

If you are an active WL Dealer

Please, follow this 3 steps:
  1. Verify if your new client is available for registration, with the "quick client verification" form, within the page and you will get an inmediate response. Just enter the client's telephone number in a 10 digits format (including area). Sample: for 973-773-7475 write 9737737475 only.

  2. Please access the WL Dealers system and login with the credentials provided by the WL Bars & interiors Team.

  3. Register your new client using the option "create a new client ...". Provide all data (* fields are mandatory) and your client will be reserved exclusively to you.

If you are a client

If you are a potential client looking for a WL Dealer in your local area, please access the system with the next credentials:

Username: guest
password: guest

And check our Dealers Directory. You can contact directly with us or any of our Dealers.